Meaning and details of the Sahabi name: Fakhitah

NameSexMeaning(s)Arabic SpellingSahabis
also spelled as: Faakhitah
Meaning(s) of Fakhitah:
One who walks with pride
A cook who cuts meat
Something that cuts
There are 4 companions named Fakhitah:
Fakhitah bint al-Aswad فاختة بنت الأسود
Fakhitah bint Abi Talib فاختة بنت أبي طالب
Fakhitah bint Amr فاختة بنت عمرو
Fakhitah bint al-Waleed فاختة بنت الوليد

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  1. On 25/10/2017 - 08:14

    Fakhtah is arabic for the bird – DOVE…..

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