Meaning and details of the Sahabi name: Barrah

NameSexMeaning(s)Arabic SpellingSahabis
also spelled as: Barra
Meaning(s) of Barrah:
A kind and affectionate woman
There are 3 companions named Barrah:
Barrah bint Abi Tajrat برة بنت أبي تجراة
Barrah bint Abi Salamah برة بنت أبي سلمة
Barrah bint Aamir برة بنت عامر

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  2. On 26/06/2016 - 04:29

    Is it an Irish name

  3. On 16/09/2018 - 21:42

    Lyla tu barrah

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    Vossah barra

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